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The service

lab_mixerFlexibility and assurance are the keys to our service.

As a contract manufacturer we need to be flexible to meet the needs of individual customers as no two are the same. So the start of every customer relationship is about building a rapport and understanding what is actually required.

In-house formulation development is carried out hand-in-hand with the customer, with direct access to the laboratory team. A big benefit of having the formulators on site is that scale-up to full production run is a smooth transition. Supported by our membership of the CTPA, we keep abreast of cosmetic legislation and industry developments, helping our customers through that minefield.

Our manufacturing plant has been equipped with flexibility in mind – we have a variety of vessel sizes (30-450kg) which enables us to accommodate initial minimal orders up to more continuous batch operations.

On the packaging lines, our highly skilled line operatives are well practised in hand-finishing products and so even the most elaborate final touches are achievable. We have a variety of filling and finishing equipment which is adaptable to the individual requirements of each product.

In addition to routine quality control procedures, our laboratory is fully equipped for microbiological testing on the products we manufacture. We also run stability and compatibility testing during the development process. In the areas we cannot provide the answer ourselves we have extensive external partnerships to provide the complete service.

Our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications backup our quality-led mentality.

This company is against animal testing and we do not test our products in this way.